List A. VALIDATED Wholesale Dropshippers & Own Brand


Ever wanted to setup your own brand supplement line, or understamd how everyone can sell so cheap on Ebay or Amazon?

This validated scam free list is the result of months of research and contacting wholesalers directly. We provide you with a  wholesale list of validated suppliers in:

  1. Health and beauty (thousands of products at unbelieveable value direct to door dropshipping no scams or rip off merchants allowed
  2. Supplement dropshipping
  3. Cash and carry and health food dropshipping
  4. Supplement own brand dropshipping (thousands available)
  5. Medical and genetic test suppliers to nutritionists and health professionals (you will need to arrange in some cases for a private blood draw from Spire hospitals for around £50)

Make your business unique by offering these services to your clients, customers (Now free with ultimate ALL course package)

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