“We believe that learning from home is the future for many professions we recommend that all professionals that learn from home practice on at least 20 individuals (friends/family etc..) before launching their practice with a portfolio of at least 10 references

All assignments must be completed and verified before final diplomas are issued. We recommend the following note-taking plugin for research:

The relevant National Occupational Standards for assignments can be found here NOS

The Marking Scheme can be found below:

Assignments-The-Health-Therapist-Academy online courses free certificate



“Don’t forget to screen record with your webcam your Konfirmi login the first time you start your assignment.

Please remember to screen record with webcam your entire assignment writing as insurers may want this.

If someone claims against you this is proof of attendance if matters go that far, this is your responsibility and for your benefit.” This record will be added as a QR code on your diploma if you share with us the link from the screen recorder after graduation…”

The Health Therapist Team…
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